Colli Euganei Merlot

Many people consider Merlot an international grape, but to us it is a traditional variety. Archè prefers starters with delicate sauces, lamb and mushroom or vegetable dishes.

soft - rich - embracing

Terre d’argilla

Colli Euganei Manzoni Bianco

Its fresh and fruity aromas make this wine seem “happy-go-lucky” but with its structure and complexity it has a more serious side as well. Smart and fun! Excellent with risotto or homemade egg pasta, oven-baked fish and soft cheeses.

soft - textured - fresh


Colli Euganei Cabernet

A versatile wine that flatters a wide range of foods. The ideal pairing for bigoli (a typical Veneto pasta) with duck ragu, braised game with polenta and grilled steak.

intense - smooth - persistent


Vino Rosso IGT Veneto

Perfect for casual get-togethers with friends and with snacks typical of the Veneto region: fried polenta with salami, cotechino, Prosciutto or homemade sopressa.

soft and intense - good acidity - unique

Tre Frazioni

Colli Euganei Rosso

Our most serious wine; the grapes come from a vineyard that borders the three villages of our municipality. Perfect with game and roasted or grilled beef.

structured - persistent - easy to drink

Antichi Reassi

Colli Euganei Pinello

Bubbles mean fun. This festive wine is perfect as an aperitif or for a dinner with friends. Easy to drink, it is ideal for welcoming guests and it can accompany snacks between meals or a casual lunch.

lightly sparkling - concise - drinkable

Opera Prima

Spumante Metodo Classico Brut

For those who love the Classical Method. Opera Prima is an ideal alternative to Franciacorta or Champagne.
Perfect for celebrating special occasions or for making any occasion special. Ideal with risotto, white meats or tartare.

vibrant and stimulating fine, creamy bubbles refreshing



Vino spumante di qualità del tipo aromatico dolce

Life always needs a little sweetness! This is a sparkling wine to be enjoyed at the end of a meal with pastries, cakes, fruit plates or as an enchanting addition to aperitif cocktails.

creamy - sweet - sparkling
The Grape Juice is made from 100% grape must which is pasteurized immediately after pressing through rapid heating and subsequent bottling. It is a nutritious, fresh and regenerating drink. dopo la spremitura mediante un rapido riscaldamento e un successivo imbottigliamento. È una bevanda nutriente, fresca e rigenerante.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from olives trees grown on the sunny slopes of Arquà Petrarca. The olives, selected and cold pressed, are squeezed within 24 hours of harvesting to keep intact all the nutritional and aromatic characteristics of the EVO.
Obtained by the distillation of fermented grape skins of Cabernet Sauvignon by the skilful hands of the artisan distillery Fratelli Brunello (Vicenza), it is left to refine for two years in steel before being bottled to guarantee a round, fragrant and pleasant product.