Vini e prodotti dei Colli Eugenei


“Azienda Agricola Reassi” is a farm, with 6 hectares of vineyards.
It’s a family-run business in a wonderful location where, thanks to the volcanic-origin of the soil, grapevine can be cultivated with excellent results.
For over 100 years, we have worked in winemaking, relying on modern technologies, as well as respecting traditional patterns, to realize products that embody the greatest features of this land.

Our company concept has been always focused on our land; our products are the expression of the peculiar features of this area, they are the result of autochthon vineyards, whose peculiarities and potential we try to exalt, relying on our long tradition and experience.

The different interactions between the vineyard cultivation and the winemaking process, aim at a product which shows our love and passion for the Euganean Hills, whose peculiarity and typical features are the result of their volcanic soil.